Connecting Keycloak to external identity providers

We will explore the seamless integration of Keycloak with popular platforms like Azure AD and Google. Discover how to leverage the power of Keycloak to connect and authenticate users from these external providers, and gain insights into displaying domain user information within Keycloak.

In this session, our expert speakers will guide you through the process of setting up Keycloak as a central identity provider, enabling you to effortlessly connect and manage user authentication across multiple platforms. We will delve into practical examples of integrating Keycloak with Azure AD and Google, demonstrating step-by-step instructions and best practices for a successful implementation.

Additionally, we will showcase how to retrieve and display domain user information within Keycloak, providing a comprehensive view of user attributes and enhancing the user experience. Learn how to leverage the extensive capabilities of Keycloak’s user federation to seamlessly import and synchronize user data from external sources.

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