TaskManagement Adapter: Error message for "EditTask": "does not exist or no permssions"

Hi everyone,

I’m writing in English as this might reach a wider audience:
Given is a WebApp that loads „open“ Tasks from the BPM TaskManagement functionality. On the front end, you can then edit a task: This triggers another technical process which uses the Task Management adapter and sets the specific task (by taskUiud) from „OPEN“ to „IN PROGRESS“ with thie operation „EditTask“ - see Screenshot.

My problem:

  • This works fine in one WebApp+BPM project scenario.
  • BUT: In a SECOND WebApp+BPM, we get the following error:

2023-04-18 18:42:55.676 ERROR [de.softproject.integration.engine.X4engine] (Debug-Thread-32) There was an error in ‚EditTask‘ operation of ‚Task Management‘
: de.softproject.x4.server.bpm.casemanagement.exception.HumanTaskNotFoundException: Either task does not exist in database or user has no permissions.

Does anyone have experience with this?
Could this be a copy&paste error?

See screenshots:

Morning! Can you give some more information about it? Is it the same user who wants to Edit the Task? Sometimes it happens that some data corrupts the database and you need to change it to a clean one.

Yes, it’s the same user creating the task (from a different WebApp component, which triggers a BPM process with a .humantask inside).
I’ll check that creation part once more, but since we do have a working first „example“ from a different WebApp/BPM process it’s confusing that it works there and not here.

SOLVED: It had nothing to do with the TaskManagement itself - but it was a „typo“ in the setParameter stylesheet for the TaskManagement adapter: This sets the „taskUuid=xxxx“, and in the source mode of the Stylesheet there was a line break between taskUuid= and the xxxx.
Therefore, this ID had a blank space in front of it and the adapter couldn’t find it.

This is part (1) in the above screenshot, and in the QuickWatch this blank space wasn’t recognisable.

Lesson learned: Always check for accidental blank spaces or line breaks, especially in DynamicParameter Stylesheets.